Friday, January 31, 2014

Blu Retires After Vet Diagnosis

We are sad to announce that Blu the Bloodhound will be retiring from police work.  He began limping on his front right leg several weeks ago.  We did x-rays and gave him meds for inflammation and pain.  While on the medication, he wasn't limping, but as soon as he stopped the meds, he began limping again.  He was diagnosed with OCD (Osteochondrosis Dissecans).  His condition will only get worst over time and he is already showing signs of arthritis.  With the advice from the vet, we didn't believe it was humane to ask him to be a working police dog with his condition.  He will become a great pet and his new owner will explore veterinary options.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Great American Teach In

Blu the Bloodhound made his rounds for the Great American Teach In.  Clearly he's a hit with the kids.  His human partner, Officer Dave Savage, talked to the kids about Blu's upcoming job as a crime fighter and responsible pet ownership.

At seven-months-old, Blu is a heafty 66 pounds!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Water Training Fun

Today the TPD K-9 team spent the day at Adventure Island for some water training.  Even Blu was part of the fun.

Before our friends at Adventure Island drained their pools for the season, they invited the TPD K-9 team along with Clearwater Police Department, Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, Hernando County Sheriff's Office and the Air Force K-9 teams for some water training.  With all of the water around Tampa Bay, it is not unusual for officers and their K-9 partners to search for criminals and missing persons around ponds, lakes, rivers and the bay.  Water poses a unique challenge for K-9s if they aren’t exposed to it.  The officers and their four legged partners spent the day training in different water scenarios such as tracking a suspect through water and catching the “bad guy."  It is important for law enforcement K-9s to receive exposure to different environments so that when they are put in a real life situation, it isn’t their first time.  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Whoa! 55 Pounds!

That's right, little Blu is not so little anymore.  He's a whopping 55 lbs.

Recently Blu met up with his brothers - also fellow law enforcement K-9s.  One with the Polk County Sheriff's Office and the other with Brevard County.

Training with Officer Savage is going really well.  Just a few more months before he'll be sniffing out crime!!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Fun with Jada

One of the most important training exercises for Blu is socializing with other dogs.  That sounds like a lot of fun, but it has a purpose.  It's important for Blu to be comfortable with people and dogs since he will be visiting a lot of different schools and when he's working, he may encounter other dogs.  This weekend he had fun with his new friend Jada.  She's a great dane and she's is lots of fun to be around.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sending off a Retiring Friend

Blu went nose to nose with McGruff the
Crime Dog.  He's a bloodhound too!

Buddy's had a cake with Snoops name on it
Today was a big day for Blu.  He attended a back to school safety event at Buddy's Home Furnishings and it was a big send off for his pal Snoop.  For nearly eight years, Snoop has served the citizens of Tampa faithfully as a search and rescue K-9, specifically trained to find lost and missing children. Over the years, he's visited the State Capitol, rubbed noses with the governor and has been an important liaison for the police department. But his most significant role has been educating thousands of kids in the importance of being aware of their surroundings and staying close to their parents. Snoop's signature bloodhound ears and drooling personality have made him the perfect approachable ambassador.

Snoop's last official day of work is August 22nd. Blu has big paws to fill, but he's up for the challenge.

At just over 30 pounds, Blu has a lot of growing to do to
catch up with Snoop.
Enjoy your retirement Snoop

Blu got to hang out with the kids. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Blu Training Update

Blu is leaving his paw prints all over town as he continues his tracking training. These practice sessions are helping him distinguish human scent in different outdoor settings, a skill that will soon make him a "top dog." 

On Saturday, Blu tracked 500 yards, his longest distant yet. He was able to identify the smell through grass, asphalt, and concrete. It is imperative for a Bloodhound to recognize a specific smell over common terrain. If not, the dog would hit a road block, slowing down the recovery of a missing person. 

Officer Savage says he's impressed with his pup. They grow up so fast!