Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Water Training Fun

Today the TPD K-9 team spent the day at Adventure Island for some water training.  Even Blu was part of the fun.

Before our friends at Adventure Island drained their pools for the season, they invited the TPD K-9 team along with Clearwater Police Department, Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, Hernando County Sheriff's Office and the Air Force K-9 teams for some water training.  With all of the water around Tampa Bay, it is not unusual for officers and their K-9 partners to search for criminals and missing persons around ponds, lakes, rivers and the bay.  Water poses a unique challenge for K-9s if they aren’t exposed to it.  The officers and their four legged partners spent the day training in different water scenarios such as tracking a suspect through water and catching the “bad guy."  It is important for law enforcement K-9s to receive exposure to different environments so that when they are put in a real life situation, it isn’t their first time.  


  1. I haven't stopped by for a while -- Blu is growing up! It was very nice of Adventure Island to open their doors to you and surrounding LE agencies. Born in Plant City and raised in Tampa, I moved to Charlotte, NC 28 years ago, so hearing the name 'Adventure Island' sure brought back a few memories. Keep up the good work! You continue to make this former Tampa girl proud as I follow you on Facebook and chime in on a few stories -- always supporting you 100%.

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